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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Nov. 26 1776
This day we sailed from Portsmouth New Hampshire aboard the privateer brig Dolton from Newburyport, Captain Eleazer Johnston. We sailed upon the ebb tide from Pepperell Cove with a crew of 120 men. More than 40 of us from the Piscataqua region joined the Dolton as prize crews. I am rated able seaman and as I served as a matrosse at Fort Washington I am given command of a great gun crew. We are enlisted for three months and hope to bring pain to the British by taking many prizes. Captain Johnston has not yet told us to where we will cruise. In the afternoon fresh gales and snow squalls. We cleared the Isle O Shoals without sign of a British blockader, then set course E.N.E. God willing we will return in three months time to these shores and our families with pockets full. I pray that God watch over my wife and children while I am gone.

Doltan Preparing for Sea at Pepperell Cove

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  1. D. Hawks9:25 AM

    The Dolton sailed from Newburyport, Massachusetts on Nov. 16, 1776 and stopped at Portsmouth, New Hampshire to recruit additional prize crews.


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