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Monday, February 20, 2006

Jan 16. 1777
Yesterday our officers were brought back on board the Raisonable after questioning by the British. Rumors circulate every day that we soon will be tried and hanged for treason but we know nothing about the truth of these rumors. We have not yet been able to speak to our officers to learn what they know about our fate. Troubling news also arrived yesterday that Fort Washington on the Hudson River north of New York was taken with the loss of many Americans. Although we are not allowed newspapers our captors were happy to share this news with us. This is a blow for our American cause and drives our spirits to new depths.

I lament our present situation and the circumstances that have brought us here. We were certain that our captain’s plan would work to our advantage and put us in a better situation upon return to our homes. It seemed a better choice than sitting at the coastal defensive works at Kittery Point or Pierce’s Island as I had done these past months since the war started with the only the tide to watch and no hope of inflicting any real damage on the British from that vantage. I reflect on the choices that have brought me here and I cannot but think there was very little other option. I could not support my family on my meager militia pay and I am a sailor not a soldier ny trade and by nature.

My thoughts often return to Rebecca and our children including my youngest child Jacob whom I have hardly seen since his birth last year. I worry about their welfare yet Rebecca is strong in spirit and our family and friends will help to support her. I wish to send word to her that we are still alive but we are not afforded this luxury by the British. I will make every attempt to do so if there is opportunity.

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