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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Feb. 7 1777
Today we are moved from the Bellisle to the Torbay, 74 guns, Capt. St. Johns Esq. We are told the Bellisle will be sailing very soon. We are moved by boat to the Torbay which is laying at her moorings at Hamoaz. We dropped south from Plymouth Harbor into Plymouth Sound coming round past the Citadel to our starboard side, running west past an area called the Hoe and Millbay also on our starboard side and coming round to the north to enter Hamoaz where lies many of His Majesties naval ships. Plymouth Dock is a large port town that resides on the slopes running down to Hamoaz. The crew of the Torbay tell us Plymouth Dock provides much of the services needed by the Navy for provisioning and maintaining the fleet. When viewing the might of the King’s navy sitting at anchor here I wonder that America should ever survive this war.

We are confined in an area between decks that has been constructed in a manner like a sheep pen. Apparently they miscalculated the size necessary for there is not enough room for all of us to lay out straight to sleep. We ought to be thankful for the presence of two ports that allow in fresh air, but thankfullness is not in our hearts. We are hearing rumors that prisons on shore are being repaired to accept the many American sailors that are being captured and that a number of other Americans are held captive on other ships here at Plymouth and the number is growing everyday.

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