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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jan 19. 1777
This day we are moved from the Raisonable to the Bellisle, Capt. Brooks, 64 guns. We find a little better treatment here than on the Raisonable. We remain quartered in the cable tier of this ship but we are provided boards to lie on. We were moved between ships on boats in groups of 12 guarded by armed marines. During our move between ships I had opportunity to survey our surroundings. Our temporary prison ships lay at moorings in Plymouth Harbor. Plymouth Town lays to the north with a citadel protecting the harbor laying to our west. Plymouth Sound lays to our south with the English Channel beyond. This harbor is quite active. There are a number of ships at anchor in this harbor, many of them warships making preparations to sail. Yesterday was the Queen’s birthday and these ships saluted her with a 21 gun salute. Never did I think that I would see England.

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