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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jan 30. 1777
This day Capt. Brown of the Sloop Charming Sally, of New Haven was brought to this ship with several others. They inform us that they were taken by the None-Such, 64 guns, Capt. Griffis after a chase of nearly six hours. They sailed from Martha’s Vineyard on November 27th. 1776, and Dartmouth on November 28th with a crew of 70. The Charming Sally had more success than the Dolton having made prizes of the Schooner Betsy and the Brig Hannah before striking to the None-Such on January 19th. Most of their crew was moved to the None-Such while the Charming Sally was manned by 30 English hands. They arrived at Plymouth on January 20th. They have met with rather better usage than we since their capture, being allowed a full ration of food and retention of their clothing and personal belongings. We asked them for news of home but they were at sea as long as we and could offer us nothing new. After captivity of more than one month it is good to see some other Americans. By comparison the Dolton’s crew now appears more more ragged than these new faces. Our people are becoming sickly, many with colds and coughs. Even our trouble makers are laid low and quiet. Some of our men begin to trade clothing for extra rations.

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