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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dec 6. 1776
Today the storm continues with snow, gales coming from the N. and N.W. We have large following seas and some cross seas. Ice fouls the rigging making it treacherous for the men that must go aloft. We all continue at the pumps. Lieutenant Buntin says the glass has begun to rise and that we should expect clearing weather tomorrow. The helmsman I replaced yesterday broke his arm when the wheel got away from him and I have replaced him on my watch. We are all very tired and wet.

T.B confronted me today thinking to threaten me in payment for his treatment aboard my brother’s vessel while at Antigua. I reminded him of the outcome at that time and that he should keep his threats to himself. While at Antigua we caught him stealing from a crew member on board and as punishment we tied him to the grate and flogged him. Several days later he repeated his offense and Henry decided to put him off the ship at that port. Unfortunately Captain Johnston could not be so discriminating when accepting crew for this cruise and I must tolerate T.B. for the next two months. I take no regard for his threats for the man is a meer weasel.


  1. I have enjoyed reading the last of your post. Looking forward now to reading your story!
    Jeff Nutter

  2. Thanks Jeff, I appreciate your comments. After all of the time spent researching this subject the blog will be an interesting experiment in getting the story out. Please feel free to forward the link to others that you think might be interested.
    Doug Hawks


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