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Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 20. 1780
On the 28th of last month we got under way from Corunna in company with La Sensible. La Sensible was bound for Brest and we for L’Orient. Contrary to Captain Jones’ promise he decided to continue to cruise rather than make directly for L’Orient. On the 3rd instant Benjamin Powers, our Master at Arms died. On the 7th instant we gave chase to an English frigate who protected a fleet of merchantmen. She was a ship of 32 guns which would have been hot work for us, but we had superior numbers on our ship and should have taken her. But our crew who were close to mutiny made it known to the officers that they would not fight and therefore Captain Jones gave over the chase and we wore ship and instead were chased by them until night. On the 9th instant we raised Belle Isle and on the 11th instant we came to anchor under Isle Groix. On the 19th instant we moored the Alliance in L’Orient Harbor at the King’s mooring. Our prize, the Serapis, is here also.