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Friday, February 17, 2006

Dec 24. 1776Today we are near our planned cruising station being about 300 miles west of Cape Finistre. Weather fair, continued warm with light breezes from the south. At about 2 o’clock in the afternoon our lookout at the masthead spied a large 3 masted ship to the south, on a northerly course. At the first we could not make out whether she was a merchantman or a man o’ war. After a short while she altered course in our direction. We soon ascertained that she was a man ‘o war and had taken up chase after us. We have been running all afternoon to the N.W. but she continues to gain on us having significant advantage in sail in these light breezes. Our prospects are growing dim as there is no sign of a change in weather. Also to our disadvantage is a near full moon this evening. Captain Johnston ordered that we all eat a good meal for supper as we know not when we will have opportunity again. We are about to be beat to quarters and I will take up station with my crew at the great gun. Captain Johnston has been in the maintop with his glass and informs us the ship is a 2 decker warship showing the British ensign. . Unless Providence sees fit to intercede in our behalf I fear we shall be captured or dead by morning.

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  1. The snippets of script that you see in some of the posts come from Jacob Nutter's actual journal.


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