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Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31. 1777
Just about five months past at the end of October, Guppy ran up to me at the boatyard where I was about my work. He waved the New Hampshire Gazette in my face all excited by the notice it contained. It read something to the affect of,

The private armed Brig Dolton of Newburyport, Eleazer Johnston, Esq. Commander, will put in at Kittery Point on or about Nov. 15th. She is preparing for a 12 week cruise and will sail on Nov. 25th. Any gentlemen volunteer or others who wish to enter on board said ship should apply to Captain Johnston at the public house on Kittery Point.

Guppy is my old friend and I have sailed with him before and he knew this would be a good opportunity to strike back at the British and make some money at the same time, just as many of our other Piscataqua men have recently. We both are familiar with Capt. Johnston who is a fine sailor and I thought this a good plan. My only misgiving was my promise to Rebecca to give up the sea life and work on shore. But the cruise was for a limited time and it certainly provided more opportunity for action and prize money than my recent militia service at Fort Washington or Kittery Point defending the approach to Portsmouth. There was initial excitement at the beginning of the war with rumor the British would attempt to take back Portsmouth but since that time they had made no attempt and we in the militia had sat by idly without contributing to the war effort. I broached the subject with Rebecca and after long discussion she agreed reluctantly to my plan.

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