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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March 21. 1777
We have passed now into the Spring season from Winter. The weather was pleasant today as I worked on deck at some odd jobs for the Master at Arms. While on deck I had the opportunity to survey our surroundings here at Hamoaze and Plymouth Dock. We are told that Plymouth Dock, or Dock as the locals call it, lays about three miles west from Plymouth Town. Dock’s population numbers thirteen thousand which is about the same as Plymouth Town. The King has built a large naval yard here and there are a large number of businesses on shore to service the fleet. We are also told that Dock serves as one of the Navy’s headquarters in addition to those located to the east at Portsmouth. From the Burford we can see much constant activity on shore and a steady stream of boats running from shore to the ships in the harbor. Several boats have come out to the Burford today bringing new crew for this ship as well as provisions. The Hamoaze runs down to a narrow channel to Plymouth Sound and then the English Channel. The Hamoaze is on the lee side of a hill called Mt. Edgecombe which protects the harbor from weather coming off the Channel. The hills and surrounding countryside are extremely green for this time of year by comparison to New England.

It is nearly four months since we sailed from Portsmouth on our cruise. I often think of Rebecca and my children and how they are getting on. I trust that my cousin William Treadwell will watch after them per his promise to me. I have written a message to Rebecca informing her of my condition and circumstances. I hope to send this note back to Kittery at my first opportunity.

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