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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Feb 19. 1777
In the past two days Capt. Bowyer fulfilled his promise and has provided our company with clothing and bedding. Some of our number were nearly naked and this will ease their discomfort. We were told to throw our old clothes overboard in an attempt to rid us of the vermin that plague us all. The bedding is a relief to us after sleeping on bare boards and cables for the previous two months. Today the first lieutenant of the ship confirmed to us that Capt. Bowyer acquired these items at his own expense. His Christian charity will not soon be forgotten.

Doctor Smith the Dolton's surgeon is kept busy all day tending to our sick which grows in number despite our improved conditions. Other than a cold I have been remarkably healthy and now assist him where I can. The Burford's surgeon visits us every few days to examine our health and consults with Dr Smith.

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