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Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 30. 1777
The rumors we heard yesterday were true and the Apollo did indeed sail today. We watched as she ran down through Hamoaze into Plymouth Sound with General Burgoyne on his way to bring a pay day to his troops.

We are turned down to the lower gun deck every night at the evening gun and as I lay in my hammock it becomes increasingly difficult to sleep with the coughing and moaning coming from our sick. More of our men fall ill every day with several more being sent up to the Royal Hospital. I have been remarkable healthy since the fever I had recently but I fear I will be stricken with something more serious.

The lad caught stealing several days ago was caught again last night rummaging through the belongings of some of the sick who had been sent up to the hospital. He was made to run the gauntlet again today.

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