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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feb 15. 1777
A number of our men are sent on shore to the Royal Hospital by order of Capt. Bowyer. Some are gravely ill. Mr. Cutler is keeping a record of men sent and allowed me to take down his list.

Thos. Bayley Newburyport
Nath'l Bayley Newburyport
Eben'r Hunt Newburyport
Will Horner Ireland
Jos. Clark Boston
Dan'l Lane New Gloucester
Dan'l Cottle Newburyport
Rueben Tucker Newburyport
Jona. Whitmore Newburyport

Some of these are the agitators that have caused trouble since we sailed from Portsmouth.

Also this day sailed the Boyne 74, Torbay 74, Alboine 74, Bellisle 64 and Thetis 32 on a cruise.

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