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Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31. 1779
At 3AM we gave chase to two sails and at about 8AM we saw that they were the Poor Richard and Vengeance. We made our signal to them and then proceeded to chase another sail to windward. At about noon the prize struck her colors. I went with a crew of 30 men under Lt. Buckley to man the prize which proved to be the Letter of Marque Union coming from London for Quebec, laden with military supplies for the British in America. She mounted 22 nine pounders. At mid afternoon we saw the Poor Richard make signal for the Alliance to chase another sail to windward but Alliance did not respond. All afternoon the sea continued to rise making it difficult to bring off the prisoners, 55 in all who were drunk and threatened mutiny. After nearly being swamped some of us returned to the Alliance in her cutter after taking some of the English prisoners to the Poor Richard. Mr. Buckley was forced to remain on the prize with some of the other people.

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