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Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14, 1779
For the past several days we have been making preparations to make a cruise. It is said that we will sail to the west of Ireland, around the Orkney Islands and across the North Sea taking any prizes that we find and sending them in to Dunkirk, Ostend or Bergen, ending our cruise at Texel. Accordingly, this morning at 4AM all hands were called and we got underway in company with the Poor Richard, the Pallas, the Vengeance, the cutter Cerf, the Monsieur and the brig Granville. At 6AM we saw a fleet in our south east quarter consisting of 42 sail. Poor Richard made a signal to heave about and stand to the northward. At 10AM our little fleet hove about and stood to the southward. At half past 11 Commodore Jones made a signal to form a line at meridian. The Cerf spoke the convoy of the fleet that had been in sight all morning and found them to be French bound from Nantes to Brest.

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