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Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30. 1779
Last night we took a large prize, the Letter of Marque Betsy, John Fisher captain, 500 tons, 22 nine pounders, from Liverpool bound for Antigua loaded with cargo. We gave chase starting at half past midnight. When we got into her wake Cap. Landy ordered her to strike but instead we came under musket fire from her. She tried to come about to give us a broadside but Alliance raked her stern twice destroying much of her rigging at which point she struck her colors. It took until six AM before she was repaired and ready to sail. We took off her crew aboard the Alliance and they are under guard below decks. Our Masters Mate Thomas Fitzgerald was put on board of her as prize master along with several of our people. Mr. Fitzgerald was told to follow Alliance as best he could and if separated make his way to Bergen Norway or Dunkirk. We still have not seen the rest of our squadron these past three days but we continue to the northeast off the west coast of Scotland. We aim for Cape Wrath where is set a meeting place for our squadron.

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