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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 27. 1779
Earlier today we continued waiting off the Irish coast to see if we could recover Cutting Lunt and his boat crew but a gale was brewing to the south and bearing down on us therefore the Poor Richard made signal this afternoon to prepare to get underway. Many of his former mates took it hard. At half past seven the Poor Richard made signal to stand to the NNW. The Richard led the way, followed by Vengeance, Pallas and then Alliance. The Richard fired a gun every quarter of an hour and we were able to make out her top lights until about midnight when Lt. Buckley reported to Cap. Landy that none of our squadron was in sight because of the heavy weather. At 3AM while I had the wheel, Cap. Landy ordered our course to be altered 2 points to the north as he explained the compass pointed falsely in this region of the coast of Ireland.

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