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Friday, June 23, 2006

Sunday June 23. 1777
Fair weather today.

Will Horner, an Irish boy from our Dolton crew, has entered into the British service. There is murmuring among some of the others that they might do the same, especially among those not born on American soil. This does not sit well with we native-born Americans and begins to cause some diagreement in our ranks.

We find the sentries have placed a box on the outer prison gate to collect money from curious local people who wish to view us. These visitors were made to understand the collection was to be for our benefit but instead we hear that the guards are distributing it among themselves with none for us. Today being Sunday a great number of well meaning people came out to see us and the guards gained 15 shillings at our expense. We have since taken in our own charity box in protest. Our purser counted out the money in our box from which we will share a total of 17s. 4 1/2 which amounts to one penny per man when divided up.

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