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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sunday, June 1. 1777
The weather was exceptionally nice today but little good it did for us as we continue our confinement below decks. It being Sunday none of our prisoners on board the Blemheim were sent on shore today.

We hear that the Experiment, 50 guns, Capt. Wallace commander sailed for Portsmouth today. She had been at dock in this port receiving repairs after having been badly knocked about by Fort Sullivan in South Carolina. She brought to Plymouth 19 prisoners who had been taken by the Fordroyant, 80 guns.

Twelve of the Privateer Freedom’s people were brought on board this ship today, they having manned a British prize which was then captured by the Fordroyant. Included in this number is Captain Thomas Brown of Marblehead. Captain John Adams was also brought on board the Blenheim today having been captured by the Fordroyant during passage from Boston to France. Six other prisoners were taken in a merchantman bound from France to So. Carolina.

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