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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13. 1777
There has been a bit of a break in the rainy weather today and we have spent some time in the yard although it is very muddy. We are now receiving contributions to our charity box which amount to very little yet are still better than nothing. We have elected one of our men to be our purser to watch over this money.

Today Mr. Cowdy read to us the regulations by which we are to abide, as drawn up by The Commission for Sick and Hurt Seamen. In summary we should behave properly and not insult our keepers, we should not fight or attempt to escape, we should not damage the King’s property within the prison, we should keep ourselves clean and we should keep the prison and the yard clean. It seems that violation of any of these regulations will result in a half allowance of food to serve as punishment for our bad behavior or to repay whatever damage might be caused. For the worst offenses, such as attempting escape half allowance of rations will continue for forty full days, and closer confinement (whatever that might be).

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