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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14. 1777
Raw and cold again. Ten prisoners are brought here from the Blenheim. They were part of the Lexington’s prize crew who were later risen upon by their prisoners and then brought here to Plymouth by the Fordryant.

Our prison yard measures about 250 feet by 150 feet. The yard slopes downhill to the south affording us a prospect of Plymouth Sound. Our two story Long Prison sits on the north side of the yard with windows facing on to the yard. We are all of us, officers and people all confined to this one structure.

There is a lamp post in the middle of the yard which is lit at night so that the sentries can make sure we do not make our escape over the wall. The walls are too high for a single man to make his own way over the top to escape. We are guarded by local militia men.

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