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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nutter's Notes Concerning Prisoners Released to the British Navy 1778.

On the back inside cover of Jacob Nutter's notebook he made the notation "Left mill prison the 5th of October 1778.  Then there is a list of names.  There is a second group of names with the notation "Second gang october the.....

Charles Herberts journal describes what these gangs represented and why they were being released.

This is from Charles Herbert's book "Relic of the Revolution" published in 1847. 

The list of men from Nutter's notebook are as follows:

Left mill prison the 5th day of October 1778
John Burnell
Richard Howard
William Smith
Edward Speeler
James Lowrey
John Davis
Umphery Potter
William Orsburn
David Clark
Frances Colburn
Bartholemy Barrell
William Bright
Robert Macelary
William Hall
Robert Richey
Frances Courtlen
William Creber
William Carpenter
Thomas Welch
Benjeman Loceet
Nichles Shais
Edward Lewas
Thomas Marles
Andrew Grase
William Deton
John George Stamfield
William Anderson
Benjaman Rigle
Thomas Runnels
Joseph Holt
Henery Beckley
Ellexander Fraser

The Second Gang:
Alexander Neal
James Lyons
Samuel Williams
Matthew Clear
Matthew Branson
John Steward
John Dagon
Joseph Engerson
Aaron Twidgley
Edward Hart
John Wigens
Willian Foord
Cuf Scott a negro

These names listed, match very closely with those names listed at the back of Herbert's book. 

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