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Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Connections to Jacob Nutter

As I mentioned in the last post, Jacob Nutter is one of my great, great, great, great, great grandfathers.  According to his coast guard enlistment records he was born in 1747 to Valentine and Mary Nutter in Portsmouth NH.  Valentine was a carpenter and shipwright.  Jacob was orphaned during his teen years when his mother died in 1765.  Valentine had died earlier in in 1756 or 57.  William Earl Treadwell of Portsmouth was granted guardianship of Jacob  on Jan 18, 1765.  We don't know much about what Jacob did or what happened to him until his enlistment in the Coast Guards in 1775 at the coastal defenses at Kittery Point ME.  He must have taken to the seafaring life early on because his enlistment record shows his occupation as "mariner" by 1776.

The following image is from "A Return of the Number & Names, Age in the Mattross Company under the Command of Capt. Titus Salter Stationed at Ft. Washington as Mustered by Major George Gains Feby 17th 1776", from (see their add at the top of this page).  By the way, a mattross worked on a cannon crew and in this case the cannons were positioned to protect the channel of the Piscataqua river downstream of Portsmouth.  Click on the image to see more.

You can also see that by February of 1776, Jacob lists his town of residence as Kittery.  We are not sure when he married his wife Rebecca but it was apparently in the early 1770s as their first child was born and baptized in 1774.

Jacob's militia service included a couple of stints at Kittery point in 1775 in Capt. Shapleigh's company and also Col. Edward Cutts.  Then, for some reason he went across to the south side (NH side) of the Piscataqua River to serve under Capt. Salter at Fort Washington.  Militia enlistments were for short duration.  The next image, also from Footnote, shows Jacob Nutter, assigned to Gun #9 at Fort Washington, a 32 pounder with a crew of 7 under Capt. John Williams.

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