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Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16. 1779
Fair weather early, rain late in the day. We continue to get stores on board and to refit the rigging. The Richard got some of her sails bent.

Robert Embleton told me more about their recent voyage from Boston to France. She sailed on the 14th of January carrying the Marquis de la Fayette. The ship was shorthanded leaving Boston and many of the crew were from the old country. They, numbering about 80, plotted to take the ship soon after sailing, killing most of the officers and carrying the ship and la Fayette to England for ransom. Their plot was delayed since Alliance unexpectedly sailed in company with another ship and then heavy weather forced another delay. When the conspirators were finally ready to carry out their mutiny they were overheard by the Master’s Mate who informed Captain Landy of the plot. The captain, officers, loyal crew, the Marquis and his company put down their rebellion and many of the number were put in irons and carried to France as prisoners. This has left the ship even more shorthanded than when she left Boston, even with those of us new recruits from Mill Prison.

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