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Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15. 1779
Pleasant weather. The French frigate Sensible arrived here bound for Philadelphia. Cap. Boardman and several other American gentlemen who are uncommitted to a cruise on the Alliance or Bonhomme Richard immediately inquired of her captain as to obtaining passage by her to America but were disappointed to find that his instructions did not allow it.

There is some on going dispute amongst the officers of our ship and between them and our captain. I inquired of Robert Embleton, one of our other quartermasters who sailed with Alliance from Boston, as to the nature of this dispute. He told me that the officers have been at odds with Captain Landy since the time of their fitting out at Salisbury feeling that he ill used them. The officers also dislike Mr. Blodgett, ship’s purser, since the Captain shows favoritism to him.

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