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Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10. 1779
The pilot came back on board and we began unmooring the Alliance at 6AM, waited for the flood to make and finally got underway at 9AM with pleasant weather and the breeze at E by S. We are in company with another ship also bound for L’Orient. The pilot left us at 11AM at St. Nazaire and we picked up a coasting pilot. In the afternoon the wind shifted to the west and we sailed close hauled to the wind trying to round Belle Isle to the south. I was at my watch on the quarterdeck when there seemed to be some confusion between the pilot, Captain Landy and our sailing master Mr. Larchar as we changed course to run between Belle Isle and some large rocks in the channel between the island and the main. Mr. Larchar and the pilot could not converse in the same language and we came close to losing the ship on the rocks upon which the pilot displayed a fit of anger, stamping his feet on the quarterdeck and yelling in French. Then, we changed course again to round Belle Isle to the windward as we had previously attempted. We were forced to beat off and on Belle Isle all night because of the head wind.

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