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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April 5. 1777
The plan to move us on shore as told to us yesterday did not come to pass today and proved to lack credibility as so many other things that we are told. However, we learn from a newspaper secreted on board to us today by a friend, of heartening news from home. The account in the paper related the heroic efforts of General Washington and his Continental Army in taking nine hundred of Hessian troops in New Jersey on Christmas Eve last. Washington was able achieve this great feat by crossing the Delaware River in the dead of night while the Hessian mercenaries slumbered after considerable merriment and took them utterly by surprise. Despite our present condition this was very welcome news and raises our spirits considerably.

All who can read desire to view this account themselves but we must be careful as we are not allowed newspapers or news from the outside and must hide it from our sentries.

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