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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April 26. 1777
The Dolton’s clerk Samuel Cutler has recorded the names of those in our company having been committed to the Royal Hospital during the month of April. He has allowed me to take a copy of his list.
John Abbot – Portsmouth
John Atwood
Benjn Babb – Portsmouth
Thomas Bayley – Newburyport
Elias Blake
Jo. Burnham – Block Point
Nathl Bayley – Newburyport
Jo Choat – do
Danl Cottle – do
Zebulon Davis – New Gloucester
Will. Ford – Virginia
Geo. Furnald – Kittery
Will Horner – Ireland
John Hatten
Charles Herbert – Newburyport
Timo Harris – Old York
Jo. Hatch – Boston
- Jenkins
John Key – Newburyport
Dan l Knight – Kittery
Dan l Lane – New Gloucester
Francis Little – Newburyport
Will Lewis – Kittery
Thoms Mahony – Kittery
John Perkins – do
Nath l Porter – Cape Pursue
Jos. Poor – Newburyport
Thom s Rines – Berwick
Ja s Sellers – Old York
Edwd Spooner – Newburyport
Benj Stubbs – Portsmouth
John Smith – Newburyport
Nathl Staples – Kittery
Will Smith – Ireland
Joseph Shillaber – Portsmouth
Saml Scrigins – Kittery
Andrew Templeton – Windham
Peter Toby – Kittery
- Walker
Saml Woodbridge – Newburyport
Andrew Witham – Berwick
Asa Witham – New Gloucester
Johna Whitmore – Newburyport
Winthrop Willie – Kittery
Jacob Wyman – Cape Pursue

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