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Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 15. 1777
There are now 24 of the Dolton’s crew admitted to the Royal Hospital with a variety of ailments including small pox, but most of them with the itch. Joseph has described the hospital to me. It is situated about two or three miles to the east of Plymouth Dock. The hospital consists of ten buildings laid out in a formation shaped as the letter U. The opening of the U faces to the southwest closed off by a wall with a gate at its center. The buildings and the wall enclose a large grassy common crisscrossed with paved walkways between the buildings. Each building is three stories high and has 2 wards per floor with each ward holding up to 25 patients. There are wards set aside for the small pox patients and others set aside for those with the itch and other more common ailments.

Joseph was admitted with the itch. He was placed on half-diet which consisted of a half pound of mutton, a pound of bread, a pound of potatoes and a pound of greens every other day. His treatment consisted of a dose of sulphur and honey every morning and evening along with application of ointment to relieve the itch. He commented on his good treatment by the nurses of the hospital.

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