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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14. 1780
Tonight while on my watch Captain Landy came on the quarter deck after the officers’ dinner and gave Lt. Degge orders to trim the sails properly as she was running one point large upon the wind. Lt. Degge refused saying the Captain Landy wanted to lose sight of the Luzerne. Degge was in liquor and Cap. Landy ordered him below to his cabin under arrest. He refused and there was a scuffle between the two on the gangway. Degge went forward to the forecastle and Captain Landy sent Lt. Warren of the marines after him with two men. Warren returned saying that Degge was on the bowsprit with a pike in hand telling everyone to standoff or he would run them through. Eventually he went over the bow of the ship and through the head doors into the cabin below and is there now under arrest.

On the 12th instant Captain Landy came on the quarterdeck and gave orders to Capt. Parke that all officers, gunner, carpenter, boatswain, master and midshipmen be allowed only one quart of water per day but all of the rest of the people could have as much as they liked as long as they did not carry any away from a scuttle cask which was placed on the quarterdeck.

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