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Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11. 1780
Today we are at sea, bound for America. We departed Groix on the 8th instant, sailing in company with the Luzerne, Captain Bell, a brig, Captain Montgomery, a lugger, Mr. Smith, and a schooner, Mr. Kardle; we acting as escort for these other ships. On board Alliance we also carry Mr. Arthur Lee, one of the American Commissioners to France.

The lugger sprung her mainmast and spars in some foul weather we have encountered today and Captain Smith has decided to return to France. Mr. Lee’s nephew and some other passengers were traveling on board the lugger so we sent a boat to bring them to the Alliance at Mr. Lee’s request.

We did not leave the roadstead at Groix until the 8th as Captain Landais said he was expecting to receive our prize money; but in the end it did not come. Despite this we were all in high spirits, looking forward to the time, God willing, when we would soon be home, many of us having been gone nearly four years.

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