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Thursday, October 09, 2008

October 8. 1779
We are now at anchor at Texel Holland with the rest of our squadron. A British ship of War and 3 frigates are now waiting of the Texel bar, arriving shortly after the rest of our squadron got over the bar and into the roadstead on the 4th instant. These past several days our crew has been busy at refitting the ship. 15 of our men are on board the Serapis to assist in repairing her. There is grumbling among the crew today as several dutch boats brought out fresh vegetables to the Pallas, Countess of Scarborough, Vengeance and Serapis but passed the Alliance by. Cap. Landy has gone ashore to visit the agent responsible for providing necessaries for our ships. We are hearing rumors that the Poor Richard’s crew complain that we purposely fired into their ship during the recent engagement and that they now have hard feelings towards the Alliance and Cap. Landy.

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