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Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 19. 1779
Moderate weather today. Captain Jones returned yesterday from Amsterdam. We hear from our officers today that he is working to convince them to sign a document accusing Captain Landy of poor conduct during the recent engagement with the Serapis. Captain Landais is off to Helder and then on to Paris to meet with Dr. Franklin to defend himself. Lt. Degge is in command of the Alliance in Cap. Landy’s absence.

We hear that the Dutch are unhappy with our ships flying the American flag and bringing in two British prizes as the Dutch do not wish to anger the British since they are not at war. When we first arrived, Captain Jones had sent word to the Dutch admiral commanding this harbor to ask for permission to enter. He was refused once, but received permission upon the second request which was urgently made when the British warships currently hovering of the Texel bar first made their appearance on the 4th instant.

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