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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 19. 1777
Guppy was returned from the prison hospital today. His face and body are badly scarred and scabbed from the small pox. He is very lame and cannot get himself around very well but his appetite is returned which signals to me that he will recover just fine. Guppy is a tough old cod and he does not want any special attention but Joseph and I will tend to him for a while.

We have now got a hole started in the Long Prison wall. I have been working with the others to dig out the stones and then the dirt. The hole is very tight, only large enough for one man at a time to crawl through which makes the digging very difficult. Each one of us can only spend a little time in the hole digging before we must come out to be relieved. Several of the men in prison still have their sea chests and we use them to hide the dirt once removed from the hole. When we are done the stones from the wall are replaced so that the sentries have no idea what we are about.

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