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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 12. 1777
When mustered out of the prison this morning for roll call there was considerable confusion and alarm amongst the guards as it was found that several men went missing. Our surgeon Dr. Smith, Francis Little, James Dean and William Smith who were in the prison hospital, Henry Lunt who was in the itchy ward and Mr. George who was confined to the black hole all escaped through a drain that runs from the hospital down to the river edge. Mr. Cowdry, the prison keeper, came into the yard and questioned everyone. Then he went to the itchy ward to ask those there how Henry Lunt was able to make his escape. He did not receive a satisfactory answer from anyone and was considerable angry when he departed from the yard.

Today we also had word that Benjamin Sheckle of the sloop Charming Sally died in the prison hospital at 6am.

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