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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9. 1777
Today the brother of our surgeon, Doctor Samuel Smith, came on board the Queen for a visit. Dr. Smith had just been returned from the Royal Hospital after a severe bout of the itch. Josiah Smith was on board the ship Franklin bound for France when she was taken by HMS Albion and brought here. Since Mr. Smith was a passenger only he was given his liberty.

We spend much of our waking hours in conversation with our new mates comparing stories, learning of common acquaintances and considering our fate. I find the Sally’s are in much better condition than we. Our men have experienced many more ills and vermon and our clothing has suffered during our time in captivity. By comparison the Sally’s appear to be healthy and well fed with most still possessing their sea chests.

I continued my conversation with Thomas Chase today. He described the sailing of the Sally from the Vineyard. His crew was not informed of Captain Brown’s intention to cruise off the coast of Europe until they had sailed. Just like the Dolton crew, some expressed alarm while others were encouraged by the opportunity to strike at the heart of the British trade routes.

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