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Sunday, May 07, 2006

May 7. 1777
Rumors proved true and after 82 days the British removed us this morning from the Burford to the Blenheim, 90 guns, Capt. Hartwell. The Blenheim was moored nearby and we were transferred in groups by boat. Soon after arrival on the Blenheim we found the crew of the privateer sloop Charming Sally, 10 guns, Francis Brown commander, was also being transferred this morning to this ship from the HMS Queen. In addition there are other Americans who are collected on this ship. The Queen is converted to a guardship for the 180 American souls held captive here. We shall miss the kindness extended to us by Captain Bowyer and his officers on the Burford. We are not allowed hammocks on this ship as we were previous. We find Lt. Paul Brustis, former first Lieutenant of the Raisonable is now second Lieutenant aboard this ship. On the night of our capture this scoundrel assured us that our personal gear would be returned when in fact it was stolen never to be returned. Many a man in our crew would be happy to give equal return to this thief. Despite this I find it good to see some more of my fellow countrymen and look forward to hearing any news they might bring.

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