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Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24. 1780
We are at anchor at Corunna Spain and have been here since the 17th instant. Yesterday I went ashore on liberty with a number of the other men.

Since sailing from Texel on the 8th instant we took an English brig from Liverpool bound to Leghorn. On the 13th instant we took a Portuguese ship bound to Cork Ireland. We put a prize crew aboard of her but found the next day that she was leaky and she had lost her foreyard arm in a gale during the night and we decided to put her crew back aboard of her and let her go.

After arriving at this port the people refused to do their duty because Captain Jones had promised we would sail directly to L’Orient where we were to be paid but instead we have cruised for several weeks. Captain Jones spoke to us and in every way tried to get us back to our duties with the crew continuing to demand at least partial payment of wages. Captain Jones was frustrated in his attempts and only after he made promises to make directly for L’Orient once we departed Corunna did he get our cooperation.

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