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Monday, September 08, 2008

September 8. 1779
All night we have weathered a strong gale. Our cutwater parted at the stem with its bolts letting go. Last night Pallas and Poor Richard were to leeward and we were all laying to when Cap Landy ordered the weather main braces hauled on board and we steered a course to the SW until 10AM this morning. The other ships are no longer in sight. There was a dispute between Cap. Landy and the officers, they wanting to tack the ship and regain the squadron but he not allowing it.

The day before yesterday we started to make preparations for a landing at Shetland, with Cap. Landy giving orders to our carpenter James Bragg to get the boats ready. We had our cables bent ready for anchoring. Cap. Landy also gave orders to Cap. Parke to prepare 40 marines and landsman but in the end we did not make the landing. Cap. Landy said he waited for final orders from Cap. Jones to go in, but they did not come.

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