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Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20. 1779
At midnight while wearing ship the Poor Richard ran afoul of us, coming on board carrying away our mizzen mast, and larboard quarter rail, driver boom, and mizzen chain plate. The Poor Richard sprung her jib boom, lost her spritsail yard, and starboard cathead.

I was below deck sleeping at the time when we were all called to quarters. Our officers thought that the British sailors on board Poor Richard had got master of her and were coming to board the Alliance. Mr. Buckley got permission from Cap. Landy to hoist up the foretopsail and jibb. Cap. Landy ran down the larboard gangway to the cabin to get his pistols, the companionway being covered by pieces of the mizzen mast. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew armed ourselves as best we could since the arms chest was locked. Shortly afterwards we found that our fears were not true. There was great confusion on the deck of both ships and a number of the people were ordered to cut away the rigging to get us clear. The Alliance was rigged up and reduced to a Snow but sailed quite well.

The Richard spoke us at 8AM. At 10AM we gave chase to a sail bearing SW. The chase proved to be a Dutchman carrying brandy bound for Holland. In the afternoon Cap. Landy went aboard the Poor Richard by the cutter to confer with Cap. Jones.

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