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Saturday, April 05, 2008

April 5. 1779
Today we dropped anchor at Paimboeuf in the forenoon. Mr. Odair, an agent, came on board to greet us and informs us we shall be given quarters in town and an allowance to cover our needs until we make arrangements for passage to America or engage upon an American war ship or merchantman. We are carried by the longboat to shore and even before we can make our way to our quarters we find much to our surprise Mr. Dale here and recruiting seaman to make a cruise with Captain Jones who is fitting out a ship at L’Orient. Dale made his way here to France after his escape from Mill Prison.

Henry Lunt tells me that he has sailed with Jones before on the Alfred when Jones was first Lt. and with him when Jones was in command of the Providence and that he is a fine sailor and not shy of action. Jones is a Scotsman who has pledged his service to the United States. Henry Lunt and many other adventurous men immediately make their mark on the enlistment book and will travel to L’Orient with Mr. Dale when he has finished his recruiting here. There is also word that an American frigate Alliance is at Brest and will be soon sailing for America with supplies for our army. Most of the remaining men including myself decide to wait until the Alliance comes here from Brest so that we may enlist and make our way back to America.

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