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Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 22. 1778
Two days ago it was storming for the first time in two months. Two prisoners used this opportunity to attempt to make their escape through a hole in the back of the Long Prison but when they emerged outside the wall they were quickly discovered by a sentry and returned to the prison. While the guards were in the Long Prison the alarm was raised for a fire in the chimbley of the guard house. In the confusion some of the guards thought the entire prison was on fire and this caused much uproar. More guards came into the Long Prison and found several men fully dressed and the guards supposing this was a sign that they were also ready to make their escape committed them to the Black Hole.

Yesterday Captains Lee, Ross, Kirk and Shoemaker climbed over their wall into the Frenchmen’s yard. Kirk and Shoemaker were soon discovered by a sentry and sent to the Black Hole. Lee and Ross were discovered in the hospital broiling beefsteaks and they too were committed to the Black Hole.

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