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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

September 26. 1777
Today was a busy day. Captain Henry Johnson and his crew were brought here to the prison. He and his officers came in high style, arriving in a coach after being examined at the Fountain Tavern in Dock. The Lexington was taken off Ushant on the 19th instant. Six of his men were killed during the engagement. He and his six officers put in the other prison with our Captain Johnston, Captain’s Burnell, Lee and Kess.

Commissioner Bell was here today to address our grievances. He has requested additional clothing for us as winter is approaching. He has also requested additional beef for each man each day. We are not allowed newspapers though and those on half allowance in the Black Hole will not be allowed donations from friends without. A hog that was allowed into the yard and was robbing us has been removed.

Will Ford was committed to the new Black Hole this day for his attempted escape yesterday.

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